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2021 Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed Between LGMG and Horizon Equipment

2021-05-27 22:30:40 Word Size

On March 9, 2021. LGMG and Horizon Equipment have successfully held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement. Horizon Equipment will purchase large quantities of LGMG machines in 2021. This comes following the first successful strategic cooperation in 2020.



Horizon Equipment General Manager Zhang Chunyu, together with LGMG president Yu Mengsheng, General Manager Zhi Kaiyin attended the signing ceremony.

Talking of this strategic cooperation, the General Manager of Horizon Equipment Zhang Chunyu said: “In 2020, the cooperation between Horizon Equipment and LGMG achieved great business performance through their joint efforts. With the help of quality products, quick response rate and efficient operations, LGMG have effectively met the business development needs of Horizon Equipment. We looking forward to further enhancing the mutual trust, gaining additional advantages from the partnership, as well as broadening the scope of cooperation.”


LGMG president Yu Mengsheng said, “Congratulations to the brilliant performance of Horizon Equipment over the past year. The cooperation provides a perfect partnership to leverage advantages for both sides. Thanks to valuable suggestions proposed by Horizon Equipment on the production, delivery, and service, LGMG will continue to optimize supply chains and production lines, enhance production capacity, and improve delivery performance while focusing on smooth communication between us.”